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    (A Constituent Unit of Magadh University)
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    Education is a tool helps
    us to get success.
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    Department of Bachelor of Computer Applications
    Wishing to shine in the field of computers.
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    Education is a tool helps
    us to get success.
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Code of Conduct for Students

1. The smart identity cum library card with photograph affixed, must be carried by the student at all the times while on the campus and must be produced on demand.
2. Student must attend the lectures and practicals regularly as per the time tables.
3. Student should have minimum 75% attendance in theory and practical.
4. Students’ conduct should be satisfactory.
5. The absence from the institute without leave will be considerd a breach of discipline.
6. Student must appear for all the tests and examinations and show satisfactory progress.
7. Student are advised to read all the notices displayed on the notice boards.
8. The conduct of the student in the premises of the institute as well as in their classes should cause no disturbance to fellow students or other classes.
9. Student must not loiter in the institute premises.
10. No society or association must be formed in the institute or in the hostels and no person should be invited to adress a meeting without principal’s prior permission.
11. No trips should be arranged without prior consent of the principal.
12. Students are expected to take proper care of the institute’s property. Any damage done to the property of the institute by disfiguring the walls, doors, fittings or breaking the furniture, etc. is a breach of discipline.

Hostel Rules

1. Application for accomodation in the hostel is to be made to the principal on a prescribed form.
2. Once a student is accomodated in the hostel, she will have to pay the prescribed hostel fees for both the terms even if she wants to leave the hostel on any account during the year.
3. No student will ordinarily be allowed to have a guest in the room to stay for the night. All guests must leave the hostel before 8.30 p.m.
4. No student can under any circumstances remain absent from the hostel without permission of the rector. Absence from the hostel at night without the prior permission of the rector is the serious breach of discipline.
5. Students should keep their money or valuables in the lockers provided in the rooms.
6. Every case of illness must be immediately reported to the hostel warden.
7. No function or celebration can be organized without prior permission of the rector and the principal.

Rules for Parking

1. All vehicles should be parked in the parking area provided by the institute.
2. A vehicle should be properly locked and parked .
3. A vehicle without a lock will not be allowed in the parking .
4. The institute will not be held responsible for vehicle held outside parking area of the institute.

Examination Rules

1. The student must have minimum 75% attendance in theory and practical of the respective subject.
2. Student must appear for all internal as well as university examinations.
3. In case the student is unable to appear for examination due to medical or other reason beyond her control, she should make the case known to the examination section and the principal for consideration of matter with satisfactory documents to support her case.
4. Student must read the scheduled timetable of examination carefully and check regularly the changes made in time table if any.
5. Student must be present in the examination hall ten minutes before the start of examination.
6. The student should obey the instructions given by the supervisor in the examination hall.
7. Student should not speak or communicate in any way with any other candidate in the examination hall during the examination.
8. Exchange of writing materials, mathematical instruments etc, is strictly prohibited.
9. Student must not enter an examination hall more than half-an-hour after the start of an examination.
10. Also student must not leave an examination hall less than half-an-hour before the end of an exam.
11. Student must not carry notes, blank papers, books, calculator, mobile phone or any other electronic data storage device with them during the exam. All rough work must be done in the exam booklets provided during the exam.
12. A warning bell will be given ten minutes before the close of the examination; at the second bell student must stop writing and be ready to hand over the answer-books to the supervisor. Student must not leave the seat until all answer-books are collected by the supervisor.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

1. Communicate clearly with the students in writing the instructions for each assignment.
2. Be updated in the knowledge of subject and the current affairs.
3. Prepare thoroughly the lecture to be delivered in advance.
4. Conduct lectures and practicals as per the time table.
5. Use modern tools of teaching to make the lectures more interesting (Audio/ Visual Aids).
6. Attendance of the students should be recorded regularly.
7. Complete the syllabus in stipulated time.
8. Conduct all the examinations as per the scheduled time table.
9. Evaluate all the examinations in the stipulated time.
10. To conduct examinations that minimize the opportunity for scholastic dishonesty.
11. Be polite to the students- listen their problems and should make efforts to solve them.
12. Be in contact with the parents / guardians of the students.
13. Take the prior approval of leave from respective authority and make the alternative arrangements for the lecture and practical.
14. Follow the rules, regulations and instructions of the institute from time to time.
15. To consistently be on guard for plagiarism.

Code of Conduct for Principal

1. Principal being a Head of Institution is answerable for all academic, financial and administrative activities of the institute.
2. Review current academic programmes , collaborative programmes and Human resources management of the institute.
3. Admission authority for the institute to implement admission process as prescribed by University and state government.
4. Development and implementation of strategic plan for short term and long term development of the institute and sustainable quality improvement.
5. Plan and facilitate guidance, counseling and other students services at institute level.
6. Maintaining support services, academic facilities etc.
7. Discuss and approve financial estimates, annual reports, accounts and audit reports time to time. Maintain necessary records of the institute in stipulated formats.
8. Demonstrate care and commitment to academic excellence and plan to organize faculty and supporting staff development programs.
9. Promote interactions with all stake-holders, facilitate students placements and students development programs.
10. To act as a chief officer in-charge for examinations.
11. To facilitate industry interactions.
12. To plan and implement the activities to take care of hygiene, safety and housekeeping in the institute.
13. Take teaching load prescribed as per the norms issued time to time by state government.
14. Communicate regularly with all members of the institute.
15. Evaluate the performance of faculty and supporting staff.
16. Upliftment of Institution’s image in the society.
17. To lead the accreditation activities of institute for various quality standards.

Code of Coduct for Support Staff

1. Commence work on time.
2. Use all work hours productively and ensure that their activities in the workplace do not impede the effective operation of their department.
3. Maintain a supportive environment for while performing their assigned duties.
4. Respect confidentiality in all matters.
5. Understand the job scope, practices, and procedures relating to their position.
6. Ensure accuracy and thoroughness in the performance of their assigned duties.
7. Meet targets regarding work to be performed to the best of their ability.
8. Manage time effectively.
9. Be well-organized.
10. Demonstrate ability to solve problem within the scope of their position.
11. Demonstrate ability to work independently when appropriate.
12. Show initiative.
13. Notify their in-charge if they are unable to come to work . Submit leave application to the in-charge if want to avail vacation.

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